Sailing Mallemok


We are a Dutch family of three: Tim, Eveline and Max.

2015 In the summer we left Amsterdam to start our liveaboard lifestyle on board our Endurance 35 ketch 'Mallemok'. After having navigated the inland waterways of The Netherlands, Belgium and France we reached Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhone at the end of November.

2016 We wintered in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhone untill we set sail in spring. We cruised along the French and Italien coast down to Elba from which we crossed to Corsica. After spending some time in Northern Corsica we crossed back to the French riviera.

2017 We wintered in Beaulieu sur Mer and started cruising again in the beginning of April. We spent a few weeks in one of our favorite places, Imperia. From there we crossed over to Corsica and then made our way south to Sardinia. In June we had a great time around the Maddelena's en Bonifacio. Mallemok was on the dry in Castelsardo while we spent summer in Northern Europe. In Autumn we had a nice trip around Northern Sardinia.

2017-2019 We decided to end our liveaboard lifestyle and leave the boat in Castelsardo (Sardinia) for the foreseeable future. Max is now going to school full-time and our careers are reignited as we settle in Culemborg in the Netherlands. We now had some great holidays on Mallemok around this beautiful Italian island.

2019 onward We brought Mallemok back to the Netherlands. In the summer of 2019 we had a wonderful sailing trip from Sardinia to Cannes. From there Mallemok was transported to the Netherlands overland by truck. We are really pleased to have our boat in Vianen so near to our home. Visiting destinations like Zeeland, Terschelling and Vlieland. But we do sometimes miss the clear blue Mediterranean.

- 2015-2017 photos on Facebook:

We wrote an e-pilot about navigating the inland waterways of The Netherlands, Belgium and France, to inspire (and reassure) other sailors who want to take the same route.
- download our e-pilot 'Inland Waterways - Amsterdam to the Mediterranean by sailboat' here: e-pilot

We've set up a Facebook page to facilitate liveaboard families to meet each other in the Mediterranean.
- find this group here: Facebook: Liveaboard Families Med